Why Teleark?

With the motto of “connecting businesses to customers,” we allow your sales team to focus on what they do best – selling. Teleark provides your company with outsourcing for lead generation, appointment setting, lead qualification, inside sales, and much more. While it’s important to close deals, nurture clients and provide a valuable service, it’s equally as important to maintain a pipeline of qualified leads.

Teleark’s Superior Service

Teleark thrives on delivering maximum output at a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing your own lead qualification team. When it comes to finding your company the very best leads, every detail counts. Our clients are provided with the following in-depth lead generation services:

Prospect Qualification - One quality lead is better than 10 weak prospects. To prevent wasting your time or potential customers’, Teleark ensures that all potential leads are tailored and qualified for your company’s specific product or service.

Appointment Setting - Within every new sale, two sales actually occur: the selling of the sales appointment, and the actual sale of the service. Appointment setting serves to initiate the entire sales funnel for your business. By delivering qualified decision makers to your sales team, you can avoid the hassle and expense of hiring and training inside sales resources.

Meeting Confirmation - Our agents individually confirm each meeting for your sales team so that you don’t have to. Event Invitations- We provide both pre- and post-event invitations for attendees at trade shows and other events, as well as scheduling booth appointments and more.

Tradeshow Boosts - Don’t allow your tradeshow to be a flop. Teleark helps you make the most of your tradeshow experience by giving your booth the makeover it needs to maximize ROI. You’ll learn how to display your company’s strengths, all while assisting you in forming meaningful relationships with potential customers. We’ll also follow up with the potential customers acquired after the show.

Customer & Market Surveys - Understanding your customers’ attitudes towards your product or service is vital. You’ll receive audible telephone surveys as a more effective way to receive the most genuine answers from your customers. We also offer web based and email surveys to help get a better grasp of your company’s potential market.

Contact Database Cleanup - Is your client database as outdated as your first Dell computer? A database full of multiple thousands of past leads can seem daunting in the least, and an organized and updated database is vital to make sure your company is utilizing all potential leads. We’ll save you the headache and clean it up for you by filtering through old lead lists and communicating with you potential customers from the lists.

Teleark’s Team

Teleark’s leadership has over 60 years of executive sales leadership and process training. The same activity-based methodologies that were used to grow a $80 million telecommunications company into a $1.2 billion industry leader have been instilled into our team members.Unlike many lead generation companies, Teleark does not have a centralized call center. Because we aren’t limited by geography, we are able to select the best agents from anywhere within the United States (all of our agents are U.S. based, unless your product is sold in another country and would prefer an agent from the specific region). All Teleark agents work from remote offices, and all of their calls are monitored, recorded and analyzed for quality control— always.At call centers, you usually speak with a different associate upon each interaction. This becomes a large hindrance to gaining knowledge about your company and it’s value propositions. At Teleark, you’ll be working with the same dedicated team through the duration of your campaign. We won’t just hire anybody to help generate your leads. Our priority is to hire smart, talented and (most importantly) motivated lead generation associates. All of our team members possess the following skills and experience:

The Teleark Difference

Teleark has been providing quality lead generation and appointment setting services since 1984, and over the past year, we’ve seen our biggest influx of business yet with a 730% increase in revenues from our appointment setting and sales acceleration services. Some factors that differentiate us as a superior lead generator:

Superior Consulting- In addition to providing you with leads, we take the time to consult with you and determine what’s the best pathway to acquiring optimal leads for your company. Our agents start imparting our best practices upon our very first meeting, and we utilize the knowledge and metrics gained from previous clients to advise what works and what doesn’t. Part of our consulting also consists of helping you come up with exactly what it is that differentiates you from your competition. What metrics and statistics make you different and better than your competitors? Let us help you realize your company’s true potential and credibility.

Tailored, Personalized Service- Upon signing, you’ll receive your own custom Account Team dedicated to learning all of the ins and outs of your business. Thus, we look for agents with preexisting knowledge in your specific field. If a client is looking for prospects in the healthcare industry, we’ll find an agent with prior experience in healthcare. Further, we would never put an associate who only has a past in financial services onto a high-tech, digital company. Our candidates have experience that matches your specific field.

Assurance of Quality Leads- Your Account Team will be assigned a quality assurance specialist who ensures you’re never sent low-grade leads. They listen to all conversations of set appointments to verify its value. Instead of promising you a certain number of leads per week and sending you poor quality leads, we only send you authentic, interested prospects. Some companies give incentives to simply acquire as many leads as possible, regardless of quality. Quality is our number one priority in prospecting.

Smoother Sales Transitions- Teleark views ourselves as a part of your company’s sales team. Unlike many companies, we ensure the transition of appointments from our agent to yours is seamless. Nothing’s worse than following up on a potential lead with limited knowledge on the customer. Thus, we deliver a recorded copy of each agent’s call so you’re able to know exactly what was discussed. Hearing the subtle nuances in actual conversations brings a bigger advantage than simply reading a text version of a call. You can listen for a customer’s interest level, get a feel for what specifically hooked them, and know exactly where to focus your call.

Script Feedback- Only the best should be representing your company. You, as the client, are able to give feedback to your chosen associate through a script role-play session. Our associates work to become completely integrated into your company’s culture – everything down to the company’s personality and vernacular.

Your Account Team

You’ll need multiple people on your team to ensure that you’re receiving the best leads possible. Thus, your Account Team will consist of the following five roles:

Real-Time Reporting— And Why It Matters

We don’t believe in hiding information from you. Through the Teleark Client Portal, all clients benefit from instant information about their campaigns. In addition, each call is recorded in real time and is accessible through the portal. Providing complete transparency into your campaign is one of Teleark’s top priorities.

You don’t have to wait on us to send you the data you need. Reports are available at your convenience of retrieval, including:

With Teleark, all ambiguity is out the window. Reports in the portal are accessible 24/7 and can be exported in PDF, Excel or XML formats.

Other Advanced Features

In addition to realtime report access, we offer the following technological capabilities for your business:

Easy CRM Integration- Teleark’s direct CRM integration feature allows us to automatically log every call and activity into the appropriate lead record in your customer database. If we uncover new contact names, we’ll create new lead records in the database. Teleark has direct CRM integration with Salesforce, vTiger and SugarCRM.

Appointment Calendars- View all qualified leads in real-time. You can then export them directly into a CVS file to import into Salesforce.

Instant Phone Recordings- Listen and download any campaign recordings within seconds of the call’s completion. Email and Calendar Invites- If a meeting with a prospect is scheduled for a future day and time, Teleark can notify your prospect and appropriate salesperson via your organization’s email. Emails can be sent out on behalf of your organization and can include a calendar invite.

Redundancy- Teleark’s data and telecommunications infrastructure is mirrored in world-class and fully-secured data centers located within the US. With the addition of off-site backups and remote VPN networks, our entire infrastructure is robust.

Instant Teleark Connection

Upon signing up, no time in wasted in getting your program started. We immediately schedule an initial discovery meeting in order to learn more about your company and the complexity of your company’s products and services. We’ll introduce you to your designated Account Team and ensure that we fully understand the expectations for your new campaign. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:


WHO: You and Your Teleark Account Team
WHEN: 1-5 days after signing a Teleark Agreement
WHY: To introduce you to Your Account Team and to ensure your team fully understands the expectations for your campaign WHAT: The Blueprint is a kick-off call designed to personally get to know your company. Whether you’ve never utilized a lead generation service before or if you’ve attempted multiple different past strategies that have consistently failed, we cater to both scenarios. We’ll discover what wasn’t working in the past, why it didn’t work, and what can be done to avoid repeat the same mistakes. Prior to the meeting, you’ll receive a Blueprint Form detailing your value proposition, target customer, and previous success rates. We’ll also sync on what a lead specifically means to your business, as it can vary company to company.


WHO: You and Your Teleark Account Team
WHEN: 1-2 weeks after Blueprint is complete
WHY: Convert the Blueprint into a live, lead generation campaign
WHAT: During this time, we will create your dialing script, train your dedicated calling associate, conduct role-playing cards between you and the calling associate, assemble the list of leads to be contacted & train you on how to use the Teleark Client Portal.


WHO: You and Your Dedicated Teleark Account Manager
WHEN: Weekly
WHY: Confirm that your campaign is meeting your objectives and expectations
WHAT: Each week, we will review weekly activity reports of dials, connections and appointments. We will have an ongoing discussion of improvements that can be made to your campaign.

Our Clients

Teleark services companies of all sizes, backgrounds and experiences. Typically, we manage two types of companies: newer companies that are lacking the structure of a formal sales and marketing team, or larger, more established businesses with pre-existing sales forces.For smaller companies, we often become their sole sales organization. While you may be an expert on your product, you may not be an expert at finding the right people for your product. You may be able to talk about your product all day, but you may lack in the ability to find the most qualified people for your product. That’s where Teleark come in.Meanwhile, our larger clients have very different needs. They typically don’t have the time to make cold calls to extend their business, but they know that doing so is of utmost importance for the health of the business. They make be excellent closers, but not excellent lead generators.The common factor of both smaller and larger companies is the ability to close a deal, not the ability to produce one. We’re the experts at getting you the appointments. You remain the expert at closing the sale. Let’s work together. Check out our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau or read one of our case studies for more information.