The Top 5 Lead Gen Avenues You Didn’t Think of

Long gone are the days of just cold calling potential buyers for B2B leads. As technology and social media continue to evolve, your avenues for lead generation need to follow suit. Here are five different—and often overlooked—possibilities for making your lead generation campaigns more successful.

twitter1. Twitter

In just 140 characters, your business can become more accessible and successful. Strategies like Promoted Tweets, which target followers, and pointed hashtags and keywords (#B2B, #leadgeneration) can make your service stand out on Twitter’s timeline. And, Twitter makes it even easier for you: in January 2013, the social media platform began piloting “Lead Generation Cards.” This is an advertising feature that allows companies to build their marketing email lists right on the site. Because of Twitter’s informal nature, it is recommended that companies use Twitter not only as a promotional tool, but also as a medium for entertainment.

linkedin2. LinkedIn

Oftentimes B2B marketers overlook LinkedIn, mistaking it as a social media platform only for jobseekers. But, more than just a site for professional credentials, LinkedIn is the best lead generation tool of all the social media networks. In fact, the site drives 80.33% of all leads generated through social media. The site offers two avenues for leads: in the Group Discussions section and through the LinkedIn company’s webpage. According to an analysis by Oktopost, the posts that convert to the most leads are those with question marks in the title that are accessed on weekdays after lunchtime.

youtube3. Videos/ YouTube

With our limited attention spans and even more limited time, the days of reading lengthy presentations or sitting through PowerPoints are gone. Instead, B2B videos are emerging in the lead generation marketplace as effective – and enjoyable – forms of content marketing. YouTube, which garners over four billion hits each day, is rapidly becoming a valuable resource for generating targeted leads. In fact, as of 2013, B2B marketers planned to increase their online video spending by 55.8%. The key to a successful lead gen video, as with any other advertisement, is to tell a good story and to keep it short.

quora4. Quora

Over a year ago, LinkedIn’s Q&A tool came to an abrupt end. But LinkedIn’s loss is Quora— a quickly expanding version of Yahoo Answers — gain. The service is still sticking its foot in the door, but it has grown more than 350% since 2011. You can capitalize on this emerging trend by becoming an “expert” in topics that you want your company to “own,” and then responding to questions within that category. Write a comprehensive answer, throw your company’s blog link at the bottom for future reading, and watch as more businesses are directed to your site. Quora is perhaps one of the best-kept secret weapons in lead generation.

5. Webinars

More accessible than trade shows and less time consuming than phone calls, webinars can generate leads regardless of geographical distance. The beauty of a webinar is that people are willing to part with their personal information, such as name and email address, just to sign up. Webinars are particularly appealing to consumers, as they offer hands-on-training from the comfort of one’s home. And, with each new webinar participant, your company gains access to new corporate information and potential leads. Added bonus? You can use your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora accounts to promote the webinar.

If you’re still baffled at how to most effectively find the best leads for your company, or if you want more information on more obscure lead generation avenues, visit Teleark, the experts in lead generation.

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