The Importance of Collaboration in a Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation is a somewhat self-explanatory phrase: our main purpose is to provide you with the best leads possible for your business. This is done most effectively by working as a unified team. Is your business utilizing its lead generation service to its full potential? If they’re not in the trenches of your business and understand what really makes it tick, you may not be getting the most out of their capabilities. Here are the top reasons why proper collaboration with your lead gen company is important:


We Work Best As An Extension of Your Sales Team.

In order to best serve you, your lead generation company should apply their proprietary knowledge of sales to your specific business. They should even provide helpful feedback and suggest different methods of sales, if the current ones aren’t working.

In order to do this, we need to be fully immersed in your company’s business, products, value points, and culture. We’ve actually become the entire sales organization for smaller companies who simply have no sales force of their own.

TeleArk consults each client individually by helping you come up with competitor differentiators, including hard statistics and facts. We not only help you market your product, but we increase enthusiasm by helping you realize your true potential and credibility.


We Offer Customized Business Strategies.

A good lead gen company will implement a distinct project plan for each business they serve. They should know what a lead means for your specific business, as this can vary dramatically from company to company.

While you’re experts about your specific product or service, we are experts on how to obtain leads for your specific product or service; in other words, you know your product, and we know how to find the right people for your product.

Collaboration should, however, come with the preface that your account associate has background knowledge in your industry. Ideally, they will have worked in your specific market in the past. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for the account associate of a healthcare firm to have a background only in banking. All of TeleArk’s associates have a background in the industries they serve.

We Believe in Dedication and Feedback.

Companies who work out of call centers equate to speaking with a different associate upon each interaction, thus completely killing the concept of authentic, long-term collaboration with your business— causing a major hindrance in gaining knowledge about your company.

We find it’s much more effective to provide your business with its own, committed account team that stays with your company throughout the entire duration of your campaign. This way, they’re able to grow with your business, learn the ever-changing facets of your business, and have the ability to provide the most up-to-date advice and feedback for your industry.

We also believe that this feedback should go both ways. With TeleArk, you, as the client, are able to give feedback to your chosen associate through a script role-play session. Our associates aim to sound as integrated into your company’s culture as possible— everything down to the company’s personality and vernacular.

We Want You to Have Fluid Sales Transitions.

A common issue that can arise from partnering with a lead generation service is the disconnect between selling a lead and the actual selling of the product. What, exactly, was said to the prospect? Which specific features of our service drew them in the most? Which didn’t? What were they hesitant about? Your chances of closing a sale are much better if you have the answers to these questions.

An effective collaboration results in a smooth passage from the start to finish of a deal. TeleArk provides a recorded copy of each agent’s call, allowing you to hear even the most subtle nuances in the conversation, thus making you feel more connected to the prospect and their specific needs.

Customized sales strategies, a dedicated account team, script feedback, and fluid transitions are only a few of the ways in which working closely with a lead generation team is beneficial. Effective, long-term collaboration takes time and commitment, but it will result in the most qualified and ready-to-buy leads for your business— ensuring that the top of your sales funnel never runs dry.

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