Quick and Easy Ways to Qualify Leads

Quick and Easy Ways to Qualify Leads

The first step of any sales process is obtaining a qualified lead. The vitality of the lead qualification process would seem to lead to a vigorous process. In order to make weeding out a little easier, we have listed some important qualities that shorten time spent on lead qualification.


The word “sale” implies a price. In order to consider a lead qualified, they need to have money. Determining the lead’s ability to purchase can not only qualify them or not, but it can provide realistic expectations. Possessing knowledge regarding a lead’s monetary status can determine what you will try to sell them and how you will adjust your approach. You want to be respectful while still completing the sales process, and a great way to ensure that you achieve both goals is to do some research on the potential leads’ monetary capabilities.


If there’s one thing there never seems to be enough of, it’s time. Your potential leads are just like everyone else – short on time. In order to deem a lead qualified, you need to determine if the lead has the time to devote to the lead generation process. If so, you must take note of the potential lead’s stage of buying process so that you can determine and adjust the time frame if necessary. Although the process can be shortened, wasting your precious time on someone who genuinely does not have time is only taking away from a more qualified and potentially-profitable lead.


Another important lead qualifier is ability to purchase. Ability to purchase can include much more than time and money – the mere ability to say “yes” is essential. For example, if you have been reaching out to a potential lead who reports to a boss or supervisor, you may face this dilemma. Even if your contact gives you their personal yes, spending time on this lead without a definite answer may not be worth the effort. Once you have determined who speaks for the company in regards to your sale, you can better spend your time on that qualified lead.


You have spent countless hours determining who your business is, what you stand for and how you differ from your competitors, so naturally you want to share this with your consumers and prospective leads. Through various platforms including your website, social media and even face-to-face interactions, you have cultivated your brand to become what it is today. To ensure that you don’t waste all of your time and effort, the first step in lead generation is providing your employees with a thorough understanding of your business. Once you have ensured their ability to speak knowledgeably and field questions, you can focus on substantial interactions with leads who understand and believe in your business. This belief in your business can really distinguish leads and make them highly qualified contacts.

After taking all of these factors into consideration, you can more accurately determine if the lead fits with your company. The process that results in this fit not only qualifies the lead, but paves a smoother road for the lead generation process as a whole.

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