Live Transfer Leads

We are an appointment setting and lead generation company which means that we are making calls and sending emails on behalf of our clients with the goal of identifying the qualified leads hiding in a huge leads list. Typically, when we identify these valuable leads, we schedule an appointment with the prospect to meet with one of the client’s salespeople. The system works well because the client’s salesperson focuses only on selling – and doesn’t waste time with prospecting activities.

Recently, we have started to engage with more clients who have separated their sales efforts into 2 distinct phases: sales development / qualification and closing. For these clients, we have adjusted our process to take advantage of the fact that they have closers standing by ready to close leads that are sent to them.

Live transfer leads, then, are simply leads that are qualified and then immediately transferred to a closer. The advantage of the live transfer is an increase in the client’s close ratio. One particular client experiences a 4% close ratio when a follow-up appointment is set by the prospector; but sees a 34% close ratio when the lead is immediately transferred to a closer. This is a significant increase!

The counterpoint, of course, is that the client must have resources ready and available to take an incoming call at any time. In many types of companies, this is financial burden that may or may not be absorbed by the increase in the close ratio. The cases where live transfer leads seems to make sense is either in companies where the revenue per sale is very high or companies that have a high and steady stream of incoming leads.

A hybrid approach for some companies may be to ask their lead generation company to attempt to live transfer the lead and if a sales resource is not available to then set a follow-up appointment. In this way, the client can make best efforts to have a salesperson available but doesn’t have to staff to ensure that a salesperson is always available.

With traditional outside sales teams, the chances of a salesperson sitting at their desk are slim; with in inside sales teams, these chances greatly increase. The trend in many companies is to build out inside sales teams, often adding inside salespeople at a ratio of 3:1 compared to outside salespeople. As companies build out larger inside sales teams, the live transfer of leads is sure to become more popular because a larger pool of sales resources will be more readily available.

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