Five Tips for Better Cold Calling

Cold Calling, when done correctly, can be a very important strategy to bring new leads into your business. These 5 important tips will help you get the most out of your time on the phone.

1. Rehearse your cold calling pitch daily with a teammate.

You should be able to deliver an uncomplicated and direct message in a natural manner. To turn cold calling into a warm calling, introduce yourself with confidence and credibility, provide a brief explanation as to why you are calling and ask for your objective.

2. Date. Time. Duration.

The goal of cold calling is to set a qualified meeting. Objection rebuttals and value statements are only effective when followed by request for meeting. The purpose of date, time, duration is to get prospects focused on their availability and set a future time to meet with the client’s sales team.

3. Don’t use fillers: “um”, “like”, “well”, “you know”, “actually”, “uh”

If you’re nervous, your voice gets higher. and increases the speed with which we speak. Deliberately counteract these tendencies. Before you call, lower your voice. Think of yourself as a very important person about to call another important person. Say your first words extra slowly. Be polite but not overly “sweet.” Remember, you are important. Also, smile when you speak. This will add warmth to your voice.

4. Listen, Acknowledge, Add value statement

Let your prospect talk. In sales, the person who talks the least usually wins. Takes notes on what your prospect says so you can repeat it back to them acknowledging what they have said. After they speak, reply with a concise statement about how you can add value. Statistics are very important here. “We increase efficiency by 43%” , “We typically cut operating expenses by 34%”

5. Ask for the Appointment!

Your goal with cold calling is to sell the appointment. Focus on this goal and don’t confuse selling the appointment with selling your product. Once you have a firm appointment set up, your second goal is to sell your product during that appointment.

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