Easy Ways to Gain More Leads

lead-generationWhile creating elaborate webinars and brainstorming effective social media posts are important for lead generation, there are easier ways for your company to gain more leads without more effort. Below are six sneaky lead generation techniques that are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself.

Stay Human: While it’s much easier to operate behind the comfort of your computer screen, it’s much harder to establish a connection with another human being. In a time when everything is increasingly automotive and impersonal – after all, when was the last time you actually talked to a service “representative” on the phone – people still appreciate genuine human interaction. And, because it’s so rare, chances are the potential client will remember you for it. For a second, forget Facebook and engage in a live, two-way conversation with a prospect. Take the buyer out for coffee rather than sending him or her a generic email. The cost of his/ her latte will be well worth it.

Don’t Forget the Little Touches – The cute notes your mom put in your lunchbox are perhaps the most genius of lead generation approaches. Being personable and memorable through cards, small gifts, and phone calls will help you retain past clients and earn referrals for new prospects. Moreover, always remembering people’s names, their birthdays, and their important life events will be well worth the address book additions. Along the theme of “staying human,” a hand-written card for these dates never hurt anyone. If you get a hand cramp, just remember that Joe Girard, Guinness Book of World Records’ World’s Greatest Salesman, sent 13,000 of them a month.Jigsaw-puzzle-piecesSay It In a Video– These days, it’s difficult to find enough time to read through a newspaper article, much less an entire white paper to learn about a business and its products. An emerging lead generation trend is creating a short, sharable video to describe different aspects of a company. Videos are visual, personal – and work to tell a memorable story about your company. General video tips are to keep the script to two minutes or fewer, to get prospects’ attention with some type of giveaway (such as a free webinar) and to end with a clear call to action (see Number Five).

Consider Asking for Help: It’s no secret that lead generation can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. However, there are businesses, like TeleArk, that are experts in this first step of the sales process. Lead generation companies offer services in things ranging from scripting cold-call conversations, to sending emails, to prospecting. Lead generation companies can be considered an extension of a company’s sales organization, and are oftentimes far less expensive and more effective than a company developing its own lead generation division.

Call-to-Action – In lead generation, the call-to-action is the essential step at the end of a pitch that makes the prospect act. For example, on a website, it’s where the prospect will click to download a product or sign up his or her email address. While seemingly simple, there are several techniques to incite more action. A company’s call-to-action should stand out from the rest of a website design. Whether different colors or a larger font, a call-to-action should attract attention from the moment a prospect enters your web page. It should also be simple – the fewer words, the better. You need to rapidly communicate with your viewer before losing his or her interest.5_steps_success

Think Five Steps Ahead– When an opportunity presents itself, always ask yourself, “How can I leverage this to create more impact with the same amount of work?” Play out different scenarios ahead of time so you’ll never be caught surprised, vulnerable, and without an answer. For instance, on a cold call, never ask, “Is now a good time?” Thinking ahead, you could anticipate that the prospect might just say “no” and hang up. Similarly, if you’re being interviewed on a blog, think about whether you can secure non-exclusive rights to turn that blog interview into your own lead generation product. By thinking ahead now, you’ll save time, money, and effort in the future.

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