Common Stereotypes of Lead Generation Services

Historically speaking, lead generation companies have some baggage. Companies envision prospecting services as “lead farms” that only send hoards of low quality prospects to their clients. Improved-Lead-Generation

Others may have even been burned by multiple lead gen services in the past, whose “promised leads” were fruitless and nothing short of disappointing.

Calling all skeptics: below are five stereotypes typical to lead generation services, and what qualities to really look for in your prospecting company.

1. “There’s no way a lead service would be better at selling my own product than myself.” When considering outsourcing for lead generation, many businesses ask questions such as, “How can you generate better leads for my business than I can generate for myself?” Or, “You don’t know my product. How can you be an expert in my company, as well as all of your other clients’ companies?”

Truth be told, your outsourced lead company shouldn’t be spending their time becoming an expert in your product or service— this would take years. What they should be experts in, however, is finding the best methods of getting qualified leads for your product or service

A good lead company utilizes very specific, proven methods they know will be successful, and tailors these methods for each client depending on their specific industry. While your expertise is your product, your lead gen company’s expertise should be in knowing how to best relay your product’s value to your potential customers.

2. “They’ll just give me as many leads as possible, regardless of quality.” Your lead gen company should put quality over quantity— in every situation. Instead of giving you 10,000 questionable leads and leaving you to figure out which ones have potential, they should deliver a filtered list of only highly qualified prospects with the ability to buy, even if it’s a smaller number.

Each lead should be a highly interested prospect with the willingness to learn more, and you should receive a confirmed appointment time for every prospect. TeleArk, for instance, delivers our clients a confirmed calendar appointment with each lead we send.

3. “Prospecting companies don’t have effective plans of action.” Some lead generation services have a reputation of displaying spineless and indecisive tendencies with their client’s business strategies. If a prospecting company doesn’t have a very specific project plan shortly upon their initial engagement with you, you need to look elsewhere. They should implement a very specific process to learn about your business.

TeleArk has a Blueprint meeting with each new client within the first five days of signing your contract. We use this time to: learn your business on a more personal level, set campaign strategies and expectations, and sync on what a valuable lead consists of for your specific industry.

4. “Outsourcing leads results in a disconnect between sales teams.” One concern for hiring an outsourcing company is how to ensure a smooth transition from the lead generator to the actual closer of the deal. You should always be able to have a smooth follow-up with a potential customer— thus, your lead service should act as an actual extension of your company’s sales team.

A differentiator of TeleArk’s service is the deliverance of the recorded appointment setting call, allowing you to hear exactly what was said in the real, authentic conversation. We’ve seen a more powerful sales effect when you’re able to actually hear a conversation versus just reading the script in text.

When you can hear the customer’s dialogue, you can better gage their interest level, get a feel for what features specifically hooked them, and focus on these aspects during your closing. No salesperson wants to walk into the closing of a lead cold and uninformed. We provide you with the context needed to make the sale.


5. “Most lead services are impersonal and disconnected.” Many appointment setting companies are rooted within a call center, meaning you’ll likely be communicating with a completely different agent upon each interaction. This prevents any one agent from being able to gain the business knowledge needed to be a powerful representative of your company. It’s much more effective to communicate with the same agent. TeleArk provides each client with a dedicated, five person account team that stays with you through the duration of your campaign. Whether you’re considering a lead generation service for the first time or you’re wondering if there are any worthwhile prospecting companies left, TeleArk’s B2B lead services work to prove wrong all past stereotypes of outsourcing lead generation.

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