Back to the Basics: Lead Generation 101

In 2015, differentiation will be the key to beating your competition and making your lead generation strategies stand out. Even though unique factors can enhance your methods, a strong foundation is vital to succeed long-term. With the introduction of a new year, now is a great time to refresh yourself on the important basics of lead generation.

The Two Sales

Lead generation consists of two sales for each individual sale – setting an appointment with the lead and following up on the lead. The first sale is essential to ensuring that your company has the most qualified and interested customers. Without this initial step, lead generation may not meet expectations and could even lead to extra legwork on the company’s part. The completion of the first sale does not complete the process — making the actual sale is the vital conclusion that ultimately drives company success.


Scripting is all about knowing how to communicate with potential consumers. In order to eliminate discomfort and uneasiness for the consumer, scripting requires a unique blend of selling techniques and conversational skills. One of the best ways to incorporate these features is relating technical company knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner. Then, actively listening, responding intelligently and incorporating feedback are important to create a natural and successful experience. In addition, reflecting on previous conversations can help the callers identify what was most effective and what can be tailored for optimal results.

Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are the key to lead generation success. Qualified leads are people interested and ready to buy. Here, “quality over quantity” means that having thousands of unqualified leads is significantly less meaningful than receiving a few qualified leads each month. Strategies and programs may vary based on the company, but determining your unique and most efficient ways to gather profitable leads will optimize your database of contacts.


Hiring an outsourcing company can be a great opportunity for a company to grow its consumer base. To make the most of your outsourcing company, it’s essential to determine whether or not they will ensure a smooth transition from lead-generator to deal-closer— removing any gap between the two sales. Quality, reliability, and history of interaction can also help qualify the benefits of working with an outsourcing company.


Metrics are key to almost every aspect of a business, lead generation included. Not only do consumers trust objective metrics, but companies can use them internally to aid in their interactions with consumers of similar industries. Modification of less-successful techniques can more accurately highlight company capabilities, while continued use of profitable tactics will help the company enhance their reputation. Metrics allow analysis of past data, but it is also important for companies to stay up-to-date on industry news and sales process changes. Taking both the new and old into consideration guarantees the most up-to-date lead generation service possible.

Lead generation may have definition variations based on the company and industry, but the basics discussed here can help companies get in the right mindset and make the most of their capabilities this year.

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