Avoiding Lead Generation Bad Habits

As we progress into February, New Year’s resolutions start to become less important and people slip into old habits. Avoid the bad habits associated with generating leads by following these easy, helpful steps!

Stay Focused

Setting goals is an important aspect of any business strategy, but success can only be noticed if these goals are followed through. A common way that businesses fall prey to this is becoming too data-driven. Data is essential in the goal-setting phase, but focusing on the numbers instead of the overall outcomes throughout the lead generation process can become tedious and boring. To avoid this numerical mindset, consider your leads. They are the source of your success and should be treated as such. Honing in on their interests and experiences is what can allow you to meet or even surpass the goals you have set.

Stay Knowledgeable

Research is essential to every aspect of a business – the best way to make informed decisions is to have sound proof that you can and will succeed. Staying on top of everything from industry news to corporate updates can not only ensure informed decisions, but it will allow you to appear knowledgeable to your consumers. Referencing databases, white papers, news releases and other information sources your company has can make continued learning easy and efficient. Making connections is key to lead generation, so by staying knowledgeable about your business and its surrounding factors you can make conversations memorable and informative.

Stay Relevant

You want to stay top-of-mind, but you also want to stay relevant. This means even if something is trending, if it is not related to your business or industry then it is probably best not to share this information. There are plenty of business news sources to help you maintain a consistent posting strategy without having to sacrifice quality content. You want your customers to regard you as a source of information, not as spam. Considering what they would enjoy reading on a corporate blog or social media account can help you determine what is best to share externally.

Stay Honest

Changing some numbers here and there or exaggerating the success of your business may seem like an easy and harmless way to increase lead generation success, but think of the fallouts. Although slight variations in statistics may not initially catch your leads’ attention, you certainly are not starting the relationship off on the right foot. If leads happen to catch on after they have committed to a relationship with your business, they certainly will not be happy and will probably tell their friends through word-of-mouth, social media and maybe other platforms. This outreach can harm your reputation, damage current relationships and make it difficult to start new ones. Therefore the best thing to do throughout the lead generation process is to be honest.

The above guidelines simply are reminders, which means they should be relatively easy to follow in comparison to creating entirely new strategies. Remembering to stay on track throughout the lead generation process and the year can help your brand and leads flourish.

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