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May 2017


Lead Scoring for Beginners

How do you take a potential lead and turn it into a successful sale? Is it possible to know whether a prospect is indeed ready to make a purchase, or if they’re far away from a buying decision? The act of lead scoring isn’t new, but it’s often necessary in order to keep up with the mass amounts of potential customers your company likely sifts through on a daily basis. Lead scoring consists of analyzing each lead your company receives, assigning an objective value to determine its quality, and catering your future sales actions to this value. The quicker and more accurate a company is able  ...


The Changing Face of Lead Generation

Through the years, lead generation, like many forms of marketing, has changed— for the better. While the old way of generating leads chiefly consisted of buying a list of ‘qualified’ names, the modern world of lead generation is personalized, relevant, and frankly more successful. From Cold Calling to Relational In the past, businesses spent little time customizing and personalizing their sales scripts to each individual prospect. This impersonal approach involved working from a massive list of numbers called at random which ultimately led to few closed deals, wasting both time and money.  ...