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February 2017


The Power of Referrals in Lead Generation

Imagine a form of lead generation that involves reduced time, energy and money. Referrals are capable of combining all of those things while still managing to increase sales. Instead of doing extensive outreach to find new opportunities and initiate relationships, you can instead capitalize on your existing customer base to improve your lead generation efforts. Easy Instead of making lots of calls, sending countless emails and reaching out at various events, you can take the hassle out of lead generation with referrals. One of the best qualities of referrals is this reduced amount of work  ...


7 Simple Ways to Generate More Leads

Lead generation and corporate sales success go hand-in-hand. Instead of relying on the same old methods or having to spend lots of money to notice a difference, you can instead look into utilizing some of these easy steps to capitalize on your lead generation strategies.   1. Get Oriented – Before you start implementing new ideas and strategies to improve your lead generation efforts, take a step back and consider the process itself. Looking into what makes lead generation work and considering how you can make an impact on aspects of the process can be a great jumping-off point.  ...