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January 2017


Keys to Effective Content

Having effective content is a great way to inform your current and prospective leads about who you are and what you do. Simply writing and sharing content may not be enough to encourage new business though. Consider a few of these ideas and how they can help you make your content as effective and sales-inducing as possible. Develop Strategic Content The first step to improving upon your current content strategy is developing strong content. This means not only sharing high-quality information, but ensuring that the content is relevant to your audience. Although it may seem best to release  ...


Avoiding Lead Generation Bad Habits

As we progress into February, New Year’s resolutions start to become less important and people slip into old habits. Avoid the bad habits associated with generating leads by following these easy, helpful steps! Stay Focused Setting goals is an important aspect of any business strategy, but success can only be noticed if these goals are followed through. A common way that businesses fall prey to this is becoming too data-driven. Data is essential in the goal-setting phase, but focusing on the numbers instead of the overall outcomes throughout the lead generation process can become tedious  ...