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December 2016


Quick and Easy Ways to Qualify Leads

Quick and Easy Ways to Qualify Leads The first step of any sales process is obtaining a qualified lead. The vitality of the lead qualification process would seem to lead to a vigorous process. In order to make weeding out a little easier, we have listed some important qualities that shorten time spent on lead qualification. Money The word “sale” implies a price. In order to consider a lead qualified, they need to have money. Determining the lead’s ability to purchase can not only qualify them or not, but it can provide realistic expectations. Possessing knowledge regarding a lead’s  ...


Back to the Basics: Lead Generation 101

In 2015, differentiation will be the key to beating your competition and making your lead generation strategies stand out. Even though unique factors can enhance your methods, a strong foundation is vital to succeed long-term. With the introduction of a new year, now is a great time to refresh yourself on the important basics of lead generation. The Two Sales Lead generation consists of two sales for each individual sale – setting an appointment with the lead and following up on the lead. The first sale is essential to ensuring that your company has the most qualified and interested  ...