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8 Tips to Improve Your Sales Coaching

As a sales leader, you are in the perfect position to coach your sales team towards success. Although there are sales trainers, nothing takes the place of actual experience being shared by a person that walked the walk and talked the talk of a salesperson. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your sales coaching skills, these eight tips may provide some inspiration:   At the onset of a new Sales Coaching Program, it is human nature to choose the worst salesperson to train first. Avoid this trap. When looking for the best candidate to coach first, select someone who has a positive  ...


Top 6 Marketing Spends for 2015

One of the most critical decisions a company will make in preparation for the new year is determining how much of their yearly budget to allocate towards marketing efforts. A study by Gartner Research found that the top 3 marketing challenges that many companies face are growing profitable revenue, connecting with customers, and holding their own against the competition. Here are 6 smart marketing spends that can combat these challenges in 2015 and promote ROI within your company. Professional Lead Generation Quality lead generation is essential to producing the sales necessary to  ...